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Your Guide to Healthy Eating : Nutrition

Eating for Maximum Nutrition

In the past several years there have been a lot of fad diets hit the market. 

This is mainly because people are recognizing that it is time to start eating better and living a more healthy lifestyle. 

We all know that you need to eat fruits and vegetables, but we are far too often choosing the wrong items. 

For example, avocados may look like a healthy food, but they are actually full of fat and calories. 

Bananas may seem healthy, but they have a lot of sugar. 

It is the healthy balance of these items that we are looking for. 

The key to changing your diet is to recognize the areas that you need to change and then work on those areas.

For instance, some people simply need to add veggies to their diet and cut back on meats. 

Others need to cut back on sweets and add fruits and vegetables. 

Some people could do themselves a lot of good by eating a breakfast so that they do not overeat later in the day. 

These are little changes that can be made if you get motivated to do it. 

The key is to make small changes so that they are seamlessly incorporated into your life.

Eating healthy also means different things to different people. 

A healthy runner who runs a 5K every other weekend doesn’t have the same nutritional requirements as an office worker who sits at a desk all day and needs to lose 20 pounds.

A good place to start is to begin by changing your diet up by adding variety. 

Make smarter choices when shopping and try to avoid the sugary temptations that lurk in the grocery store. 

If you eat out a lot, you can still make better choices. 

Limit your salad dressing and eat more veggies and skinless chicken. 

It is also a good idea not to eat your whole plate but to take a portion of it home with you for later.

Eat more highly nutritious foods rather than high calorie foods. 

You will be amazed at the difference this can make at your first sitting.

  Most fatty foods are full of empty calories. 

This means you are eating foods that have a lot of calories but they don’t fill you up. 

By eating foods that have calories you use, you are feeding yourself useful energy without overeating on unhealthy foods. 

The produce section of the grocery store contains a lot of healthy and filling foods that are not full of empty calories.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. 

Your tastes change as you grow older. 

You actually begin to like foods that you despised as a child. 

Some people think that they don’t like foods, but they have never eaten many of what they say they don’t like. 

Produce is relatively cheap. 

So you are not losing too much money if you by some fresh spinach for a salad and find out you still don’t like it. 

If you do like it, then you found something healthy that you don’t mind eating and it’s relatively inexpensive. 

Talk about a win-win situation!

You don’t have to give up your Saturday night steak. 

Just work on it a bit to make it healthier. 

Cut off the excess fat that you don’t need and don’t slather your potato in all the “fixins.” 

Try a little bit of butter or even a little cottage cheese.