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Your Guide to Healthy Eating : Foods Working Together

Foods Working Together

It is important that you choose a combination of foods that provide you with optimum nutrition. 

This means combining foods such as meats, beans, dairy and vegetables and whole grains to form a well-rounded meal. 

All of these foods combined together will provide you with the different nutrients that your body needs. 
Most foods are obviously healthy. 

However, it may be difficult to know whether some items are healthy or not. 

In this instance, you will want to look at the nutritional labels. 

Labels are required on all packaged foods and can be very helpful to those who are looking to eat a healthier diet. 

Not only do the labels tell you how many calories, fat grams and other nutritional information, but they also provide detailed information on the type of vitamins and minerals are in the food as well. 

When choosing healthy foods, small changes can make a big difference. 

When you exchange fresh and low fat meals for high fat meals you will feel more energetic because you are not being “weighed down” by the high fat you were consuming in the past. 

You feel full without feeling bloated. 

You should also notice an increase in energy levels. 

By replacing highly processed grains for nutritious whole grains you will find that you are consuming more nutrients. 

Many of your highly refined foods are stripped of the nutrients and they do you little good in terms of a healthy diet. 

Cooking techniques are also important. 

It is imperative that you don’t cook with high fat oil, but use a cooking spread instead. 

This ensures that you are not eating any unnecessary fats in the form of oil. 

If you cook vegetables too long, you may actually be cooking away significant amounts of nutrients. 

Take broccoli as an example. 

If you over boil it and then slather it in butter and cheese, you are cooking away nutrients and replacing them with fat.

Boiling it too long can also cause them to lose nutrients. 

To prepare vegetables, you are often better off quickly steaming them in the microwave or over the stove. 

Cook them in as little water as possible, but use enough to keep them from becoming scorched.

When you cook potatoes, it is a good idea to include the skin. 

The skin contains a lot of fiber, nutrients and minerals. 

You can also cook a baked potato in the microwave or grill to give it a better flavor. 

By using these methods, you will make the skin soft and minimize the need to load it with butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, etc. 

In fact, healthier alternatives would include a little bit of nonfat cottage cheese or nonfat yogurt.