3 Steps to a Better Life

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3 Easy Steps : Conclusion




  The discussions here so far may have sounded complicated and lengthy, but they are nothing more than three simple steps.   

People have made living complicated, basing everything on what they desire to have and do.

However, if you really think about it, there is nothing more important than these three things: a long life, a healthy life, and a happy life.

The story of humanity has been one from extreme simplicity to gradual “progress,” which often means that life has become more and more complicated.

Then it climaxed to a point where man thought, “This is it.”

At last, he has discovered what real life is — but only to realize that, at the same time, everything has started to crumble before his eyes, especially his accomplishments and hypotheses.

It is like the principle of diminishing returns — that once something has reached its peak, there is no other way but to go down.

Man abhorred the simple things in life and set out on an adventure to discover some other worlds out there.

“There must be something more to life than just this boring, simple world,” he said.

It’s like the classic story of the Prodigal Son who, having everything he needed in his father’s house, left and set out for a more “exciting” world out there, seeking to quench his desires.

The world “out there” seemed more:

  1. Exciting
  2. Meaningful and profound
  3. The real LIFE

Then reality violently shook him wide-awake.

There was actually no “more exciting world out there.

He found that his only choice was to go back to the world he once detested.

Today, many people like to talk about living a simple, healthy, and happy life.

They actually muse on the possibility, but many of them back away when the actual living of such life is seriously considered.

Are you ready to give up some things or assume a completely new lifestyle?

Today, you have a choice.

You can read this book, sigh deeply, and ignore the simplicity of the techniques in this book;

or you can start living a long, healthy, and happy life using just three easy yet powerful steps.

It’s all up to you.