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    Long Term Health Insurance: Securing your Life from Possible Misery

    People with disabilities and chronic illnesses can purchase the long-term health insurance which traditional insurance such as Medicare and employer policies does not cover.

    Long-term health insurance usually covers meals and provides help on the daily activities of a disabled person such as getting dressed or bathing. This type of insurance is able to protect the family from financial bankruptcy compared to getting nursing home care which is much more expensive.

    People can take the advantage of a long-term health insurance to reduce financial risks of the possible effects of a chronic illness. Health risks are caused by smoking, drinking, taking unwanted drugs, and stress.

    Long-term health insurance is one of the best alternatives in reducing your fears on how you will survive financial burdens and take care of your health. It will ensure that every member of the family would not get saddled with a huge debt caused by expensive medical care or after encountering untimely accidents. High quality care is guaranteed to be given without losing your lifetime savings during treatment or recovery.

    The cost of health care continuously rises each year so it is advisable to purchase a long term health insurance at an early age.

    Some people might not consider it, but think of the advantages. It is less expensive when you purchase long-term health insurance at about the age of mid 50’s because it is still considered as a favorable age rather than purchasing it when you reached 60 years old and above where higher premiums are charged.

    Although the premiums may not be much cheaper, you will get a coverage that is much better and increases your chance of getting approved without exclusions and riders. You cannot easily purchase a long-term health insurance once you are sick or injured.

    People with other sources of income other than their benefits from Social Security or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) can consider the plan of purchasing long-term health insurance without any trouble on paying their daily and monthly expenses.

    Make sure that the insurance company will conduct current health assessment before giving you a policy. The assessment focuses of your ability in handling daily living activities including eating, dressing, going to the toilet, getting in and out of bed, bathing, and continence without asking help from others. The chance of getting a policy is minimized if you cannot do most of these activities.

    Don’t lose hope, there are several companies using various criteria for approving the type of policy you are applying for. The policy either focuses on health care given at home by a personal health nurse or some are designed to give care to the insured in a facility for long term care.

    The choice will be given to the individual to select the type of plan but remember that different plans have its different price tags. You should be able to understand all the options before purchasing. If the plan makes you uncomfortable and pressured, then politely exit and continue your search with other insurance companies.

    Long-term health insurance ensures that everything will be taken care of in your old age.




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